google 員工群像

Anselm Baird-Smith [ Jussieu大學博士]

Anselm worked at W3C from October 1995 through August 1997 to design and implement Jigsaw, W3C’s award-winning object oriented Java-based server software. His interests include communication protocols, distributed objects and scripting languages. Anselm received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Universite de Jussieu, Paris VI.

Adam Bosworth [ 不詳]
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Adam Bosworth is a Vice President of Engineering at Google Inc. He was previously VP Engineering at BEA Systems and was responsible for the engineering efforts for BEA’s Framework Division. Prior to joining BEA, Bosworth co-founded Crossgain, a software development firm recently acquired by BEA. At BEA, Bosworth developed the Alchemy intelligent caching framework in a team consisting of Bosworth and his son, Alex. Alchemy was a software layer used by Internet Explorer to communicate with a corresponding software layer on the web server allowing both upload and download data to be cached when the browser was disconnected from the network. Architecturally, this approach is similar to the design of the Google Web Accelerator although that product only performs server-side caching, rather than client-side caching.

Known as one of the pioneers of XML, Mr. Bosworth previously held various senior management positions at Microsoft, including General Manager of the WebData group, a team focused on defining and driving XML strategy. While at Microsoft, he was responsible for designing and delivering the Microsoft Access PC database product (codenamed ‘Cirrus’) and assembling and driving the team that developed Internet Explorer 4.0’s HTML engine (codenamed ‘Trident’).

Prior to Microsoft, Adam worked for Borland where he developed the Quattro spreadsheet application following Borland’s acquisition of Analytica in 1985 – founded by Bosworth and Eric Michelman, and managed by Brad Silverberg.

Louis Monier [ 巴黎大學博士, 1980 ]
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Louis Monier is founder of Internet search engine AltaVista, and a past techology fellow at eBay focused on search products. He is currently working at Google.

Monier received a Ph.D. in Mathematics and Computer Science from the Universite de Paris in 1980 and did stints at Carnegie Mellon University, Xerox PARC, and DEC’s Western Research Laboratory.

His car bears a vanity plate embossed with the letters ALTVSTA.

Ben Goodger [ 奧克蘭大學學士]
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Ben Goodger (born in London, England) is a former employee of Netscape Communications Corporation and the Mozilla Foundation and lead developer of the Firefox web browser. His key areas of responsibility include:

* Extension system
* Software update system
* Download system
* Options interface
* Permissions manager interface
* Preference migration from other browsers
* Windows shell integration

Ben grew up in Auckland, New Zealand, and graduated from the University of Auckland in 2003 with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. He now lives in Mountain View, California and is currently working for Google Inc. When he was a teenager, Ben gained some notoriety in anime nerd circles for his large and very popular Sailor Moon website called “Millennium”, which shares the same namesake as his personal website. Ben also collects Disney comics.


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