Yes! 在自己的 home directory安裝openwebmail



06-19-2004, 05:52 PM
I’ve been subscribed to the openwebmail sourceforge mailing list and I just got this today:

My web hosting is on a shared server, and I am wonering if I can install openwebmail
in my home directory? I don’t have root access to the server, just my home


Yes, ofcourse you can.

There are two things you need to modify first:

1) Change all .pl files to point to /usr/bin/perl instead of suidperl,
i’ve used the following command to do this quickly:
sed ‘s/\#\!\/usr\/bin\/suidperl/\#\!\/usr\/bin\/perl/’ -i *.pl

2) Change all the .pl files to search for the openwebmail_etc.conf
to your own home dir. By default it looks for it in /etc. i’ve
used the following command to modify the files quickly:
sed ‘s/\/etc\/openwebmail_path.conf/\/home\/USER\/www\/cgi\-bin\/openwebmail\/et
c\/openwebmail_path.conf/’ -i *.pl
(make sure you change USER into your own username)

The rest is the same. The only other catch, is if your hosting
provider does not allow you to SSH to the server, which means
you may need to create a PHP or Perl script to execute
the –init command thats required.

Hope this might help!


One Response to “Yes! 在自己的 home directory安裝openwebmail”

  1. klhsieh Says:

    我是在google”web hosting openwebmail”時,在第一頁就意外看到的

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