openwebmail v.s. squirrelmail; convert maildir to mbox

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RoundCube 0.1 BETA Released!

As some of you might know, we’ve been using RoundCube as our webmail solution since November of last year. After researching different solutions (OpenXchange, Squirrelmail, OpenWebmail, etc.), we settled upon using RoundCube as our webmail solution due to its simplicity to install and its 「out of the box」 integration with IMAP.

Built using PHP and databased by either Postgres or MySQL, the installation and configuration takes all of 10 minutes to complete. Support for RoundCube is easy to find either via their website, or a low volume mailing list. Unfortunately their developers also have full time jobs, so release updates are a little slow to happen. Since Roundcube is built in PHP and considered open source, seasoned developers should have no trouble at all with tweaking the application to suit their needs. As a testament to their hard work, the developers over at have finally released 0.1 Beta. This release fixes some minor cosmetic bugs and a few database optimization tasks.
postfix郵件系統完整版 [zt]
SquirrelMail, a Web-Based Mail Server
Openwebmail runs as root. I don’t mean to insult anyone here,
particularly the pkgmaster team or the authors of openwebmail, but the
simple truth is that running any world accessible functionality as root
is simply not a wise thing to do. A
exploit( which results
in root access exists for Openwebmail 1.71 which was available for
downloading ( at when I wrote this sentence. The current version appears to
be safe but unless you really understand the ramifications of running
world accessible Perl scripts as root you’d be well advised to go with
some other web mail system.

    Squirrelmail, on the other hand, can and happily runs as a
non-privileged user. Installation is a breeze and it does virtual
hosting quite nicely. While it may not be quite as pretty as it provides
the same functionality as openwebmail does and since it can run as a non
privileged user it’s a far better choice from a security viewpoint.

    Best Regards,


    Brent Sims, Customer Service Manager
    WebOkay Internet Services, LLC
    Phone (719) 595-1427
I am currently using Squirrelmail and one of my schools told me about
OpenWebMail and said they really like it.
It actually came from NeoMail which is the first program I started to use
until the creator said there would be no more version for it.
I like SquirrelMail a lot. The other thing I wish is I could move the
folder list to the top or put it in a drop down window. Because unless you
have your screen resolution set pretty high some messages you have to use
the bottom scroll bar and that is not fun. Makes reading difficult.
Re: vote: best webmail !
I like Squirrelmail myself, because it’s fairly minimalistic, and it was
the first webmail system I found myself using, and never felt the urge
to use anything else.

I used NeoMail for a little while, didn’t think it was too bad, but
personally it’s Squirrelmail for me.

I prefer Squirrelmail.

Intergrates with most IMAP’s, LDAP addressbook, nice pretty menu
script for configuring servers, and is simple.

The debian stable version is pretty good but if you want something
with a little more recent either grab unstable or from

I like egroupware at:

It even has a connector for outlook clients here:

And it’s been packaged for debian, so just (apt-get install egroupware)


Squirrelmail has been pissing me off lately.
Seems to be turning into a total pig on my hardware.

And the memory errors are really annoying when you have >3000 emails in a folder it starts to act inconsistent and some features are no longer available.

It’s cute, but it’s not suitable for an email service where webmail is your only method.

Hands down, no contest, category-killer, industrial strength, don’t
try this at home kids:


  Debian has a package for it: imp3. It looks very-very nice (at least
for me :), but it may be tough to install it for the 1st time. You may
integrate it with LDAP, to have public address book which could be
exportable. But I still cannot figure out, how deal with a person, which
has multiple emails in LDAP address book. It shows me corectly multiple
addresses, separated by comma, but when I choose to write an email, only
1st address is used, second is truncated to username only. Any hints?

If you want an administrator’s point of view, I don’t know.  As a user I
prefer SquirrelMail over IMP (although they are both good).

on my debian unstable box a year or 2 ago, squirrelmail kept breaking
(just got stuck sending mail, etc), and it was hard to get it to login
all the time.  i think that was mostly due to uw-imapd, though.

i found my way to IlohaMail (apt-get install ilohamail), and i’ve stuck
with it since.  it’s reasonably featureful and stable.

i have finally settled back on uw-imapd and got it working with

# convert maildir to mbox


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